I can really feel God in this Chili’s.

I know the Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner was on ages ago, but we just got around to watching it on our DVR a few nights ago. My thoughts, in bulleted format:

  • I wanted to punch Shatner through most of the show. He had the same leaning-forward-eyebrows-up-open-mouth-smile expression the entire night.
  • Farrah Fawcett looks like hell. She was clearly drunk and/or stoned out of her mind, but even sober (as she was on the Emmys, I think) she looks awful. Really, really awful.
  • At one point they showed a clip of Shatner’s performance/video/whatever of “Rocket Man.” I’d never seen this before and had no idea he had done it. I actually turned to Tim and asked, “Did Stewie do this once?”
  • Maybe it was just because an old lady said it (and we all know that dirty jokes are always funnier coming from old ladies because of the shock-value), but Betty White had the best joke of the night by far when she said, “We all know Bill’s nuts. George [Takei] has tasted them!”

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