Good Stuff

I’m headed to FoCo for the weekend. Gary is in town, and he and Jessie and I are going to rock and roll all night and party every day. Or at least for the vast majority of Saturday night. I can’t wait.

Tim’s staying home because he has to work. He got a random phone call Wednesday night that went something like this: “Hi, this is so-and-so. Your friend Mike gave me your name and number. There’s a production company in town from LA and they need a production assistant, like, yesterday. It’s 10 days of work, $100/day. Are you interested?” So, that’s what he’s doing this weekend and next week.

Have you seen/heard the mooing dog commercials? The website is That’s who Tim’s working for. Apparently they’re having some event(s) around here and generally doing a lot of publicity stuff in the area, all the while filming a documentary of the whole thing. Tim’s working more on the event-planning side than the film side, but he’s still getting good experience, and the $1,000 he’s making is going to be VERY helpful. I was just stressing out over our finances earlier this week, and suddenly things are a little better again. We can replace the money we had to take out of our savings to pay this month’s bills, and Tim is doing something he enjoys that will also be really good on his resume. I guess we haven’t pissed off the universe too much yet.

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