Princess Di’s funeral was like the saddest funeral ever. That and my sister’s.

Tonight we had dinner at Jenn’s house with Jenn and Aleisha. I wasn’t feeling well, so I didn’t eat very much. After watching The Office (quoted above, just in case any of you were suddenly concerned that I had a dead sister – I don’t), we gathered up our dog (who usually gets to come along and torment Jenn’s dog) and were on our way home.

Seeing as how I only ate, like, half a dinner, Tim stopped at Wendy’s so I could get a snack to ease the rumbly in my tumbly. (I was actually feeling like I could eat something for the first time all day.)

The woman working at the drive-thru window saw Ben on my lap and gave him 3 treats! It was so sweet and surprising! (This may be a totally common thing – I don’t know because I rarely have my dog with me when I go to the drive-thru.)

Anyway, just wanted to share my (and Ben’s) happy moment of the evening. Now I’m off to do the thing I’ve been wishing I could do alllll day – sleep!

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