random thoughts

The funeral was okay, as funerals go. It was really short and nobody but the jackass mega-church pastor (who I hated) talked, so that was too bad. It was clear the pastor didn’t know anything about Randy except what he learned in the conversation he had with the family the night before. It was a little unsatisfying to say the least.
Immediately after the service lots of folk went to the graveside service, which was to be officiated by Randy’s masonic brothers. I considered going, as it would have probably been a more satisfying service, but opted not to in the end because I kinda feel like the graveside service is for family and very close friends, and even though most of the people at the service went to the graveside, I just didn’t feel like I should. I also don’t think I would like to have had my last memory of him be the image of his casket (which was closed through the whole service, by the way, giving me one less decision to make) being lowered into the ground.
Since most people went to the graveside, there wasn’t much sharing of stories and such at the reception, but I still feel like I got a good amount of closure. Even though the pastor sucked ass, I don’t know if anyone could have done a good enough job putting into words the amazing person that Randy was.

On the way home we stopped in castle rock at the outlets. There was nothing good to buy and it was cold, so we didnt’ stay long. Then we went over to John’ sister’s house for dinner. It was really really fun. We had a great time. BJ (john’s sister) and I drank a lot a lot of wine, but we talked a lot and hit it off pretty well. There’s a chance I may actually have a non-family friend here in the springs. It would be nice. BJ reminds me a lot of Manda, one of my friends from FC. I can definitely see us having lots of good times together. I hope we get to hang out with them again soon.

Also we took Ben over and John had brought Charlotte and BJ and Garrett (her husband) have two big dogs – Daisy and Hagrid. The playing dogs were soooo cute. Ben is one tuckered out puppy today.

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