This is the sound I make when I move: “OWWW!!!!”

Okay, I am finally getting around to updating this thing. Let’s see what I’ve done these past few days, shall we?

Thursday night: Tim’s sister came over for calzones. Good times. Good eats. Way too much eating. But sooooo good. The calzones we make are my very favorite calzones ever.

Friday night: began prepping the house for painting. Sanded all I could reach while Tim did some fence moving around stuff. Then attempted to dig up stupid little white posts in front yard only to find out that whatever moron put them there decided to just bury 4 feet of post instead of cutting it off to be the right height. So I dug, but couldn’t get the posts out.

Saturday: More sanding, priming, caulking of the house. Tim did up-high stuff, as I prefer not to be on ladders for lengthy amounts of time. (It’s not a height thing, it’s a not feeling stable thing. I’ll happliy climb a ladder to get to a roof and be fine on the roof, but I don’t like just standing on a ladder and doing stuff. I’m constantly afraid the thing is going to fall over on top of me.) Anyway, John was in town, so we had lunch with him, then he was nice enough to come help us work. He dug up the poles. All of them. He is master digger.

Yesterday: Finished priming and caulking in the morning. Began painting around noon. Painted and painted and painted. Tim’s dad brought lunch and helped out from 2-5. We kept going until it was too dark and even holding a work light up wasn’t working well enough to see what we were doing. 97% of house is painted, though, there’s just a little more to do tonight along with some touching up where the primer is showing through. It was a long, hot day (I don’t even really remember yesterday morning – it feels like a week ago), but the house looks really good. It’s a nice earthy color that actually works with the trim we have, so that doesn’t have to be re-painted. We really lucked out on the color. Tim got it at Sherwin in FC (he used to work there). It was mis-tinted, so he got it for a penny a gallon with his employee discount. Ten gallons of exterior paint for ten cents. And it’s a good color. And we have a lot left over.

Last night: collapsed on the couch with achy muscles and major sun burn. Ate dinner. Went to bed. Couldn’t sleep from all the pain. Got up around 3 and had a little icy hot and aloe gel party in an attempt to ease the pain. Went back to bed feeling better but stinky from the icy hot. Slept off and on and am very tired today.

Today: Sunburn still hurts. Muscles are screaming at me. Especially my thighs. I “walk” (read: hobble) very slowly and have a very, very hard time with stairs and getting up or sitting down from my desk chair. There is so much pain. It’s miserable. But we have a damn good looking house.

As hard as painting was and as much as I hurt today, I am really proud of us for painting our house. This do-it-yourself stuff is hard work, but it’s so rewarding. I kinda like it. Although, I agreed whole-heartedly with tim when he said, “I think you paint a house once and then hope next time your house needs painting you can afford to have someone do it for you.” Smaller do-it-yourself projects, though, I could really get into. We’re planning on building a deck next summer. Should be fun times.

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