This stone is, as we say in Gemology, “important.”

Yesterday was fun times. Went to denver to have lunch with my brother. Once we got through the horrendous traffic on the interstate and found our way to the restaurant after getting lost in downtown, we had a really good time. Then we came home and went shopping to replenish our dvd collection. We got mostly tv series that we wanted and special editions of our favorites. We can get the rest used at blockbuster for way cheap. I was a little nervous going to pay, since we had an entire shopping basket full of dvd’s and i knew it was going to be really expensive. and it was. as much as our monthly mortgage payment. BUT the insurance is supposed to pay for it all when we send them the receipt. However, since insurance is being a pain in the ass, the dvds are remaining wrapped in their celophane until we get the check from insurance, just to be sure. That way we can return them and not go broke if we have to.

Today we have a nice little sunday planned. Tim’s going to do his trailer checks and maybe we’ll hit bed bath for registry shopping goodness. Home for laundry, wedding photo selection, and budget figuring out. May mow the lawn, but I’m thinking probably not.

And it all starts with a shower in 3 … 2 … 1 … now!

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