A good friend of Tim’s family died last night. He was young (around my age, I think?). He had a cancerous brain tumor for a long time. He lived 6 years longer than the doctors said he would, so for that the family was thankful. He just had so many ups and downs, came close to dying so many times and bounced back, that it seemed like this time, even though it looked bad, he would probably defy all the doctors and bounce back again. Not so. His funeral is on Wednesday. Tim and I will be in the Bahamas. Tim’s parents and Aleisha will be in Hawaii. Jennifer will be the only one of us who gets to go to the funeral. Everybody’s taking it pretty hard, as you can imagine. I didn’t know him or his family well, but they are such good people, and an incredibly strong family given what they’ve been dealing with. Every time you see them, you wouldn’t know that one of them was dying. Maybe because they’ve been dealing with it so long that they know living in fear/sadness is no way to live. They still had to enjoy their lives as much as they could.

I am at a loss for words on how to express what I am feeling right now. It’s amazing how hard you can be hit when someone you hardly know dies. I guess it’s hard knowing how big a part he was of the lives of people close to me, and knowing how hard it is for them to cope with this. The sentence “This is so sad,” keeps wanting to make its way from my head to my keyborad, but it just seems like such a vast understatement. I hate having feelings that I lack the vocabulary to express. Not that the vocabulary necessarily exists, but I could explain what I’m feeling right no so much better if it did.

For Chris, my prayer is this: Thank god your pain is over and you are now in paradise. You impacted lives in ways you may never know. May those who know and love you be comforted by your memory as they continue their lives without the joy of seeing your face light up on a daily basis. You will be missed deeply. May you now rest in peace knowing that you made the world a better place during the short time you were here.

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