60 guests and counting!

Oops. I just checked my registries. Dammit, I have to control myself! Luckily, noting new was bought, so as long as I can control myself for the next few days, my shower will be full of surprises.

I also just googled myself. Apparently there’s school of dance named after me and also an associate professor of English at some big university with the same name as me. It’s like if you have my name, you are destined to love dance and/or English. Weird. Kinda makes me wonder if I chose to be interested in those two things, or if my name determined that I would be. I then googled myself with my new last name (which will be mine in only 26 days!) and all that came up was someone with that name was listed as a survivor of someone who died in an obituary. At least she was a survivor, not the dead one. That may have put a damper on my new name.

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